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Ballard Boys and Girls Club Raised Gardens Were a Big Success!!

Pictures of the Raised Garden Beds being built

Pictures of the Raised Garden Beds being built

What a great day in Ballard on Saturday, May 17th.  I wanted to give a special thanks to some of our amazing volunteers.  Donna & Monica (from Interbay Giving Garden and took the lead as our garden pros providing lots of helpful gardening tips and an amazing amount of hard work from the beginning to the end.  Tim was constantly in motion and a big help building and preparing the beds for plants.  Jody, Christine, and Katie were and impressive representation from our board,  hammering, shoveling and planting their hearts into our new raised garden project.  The Wukitch Family, were enthusiastic and tireless, working so hard you would have thought they owned the place.  My good friend Mike kept me centered and steadily manned a shovel and wheelbarrow in the team effort to get our beds filled and ready for planting.  One little girl, Brooke, passing by to watch her brother play baseball,  stopped to help and immersed herself in the love of gardening with new friends on the sunny Ballard day.  Not to be outdone by anyone, Shelly Puariea our Club Director has been a tireless champion from the beginning.  She diligently supported, guided, and worked this project into an amazing success.  Thank you Shelly.

Saturday we built 5 raised beds on the north side of the club and planted three of the beds with freshly sprouted starts from our club kids.  Two beds have been left ready for the kids to plant as new starts come up in the club.  We have also prepared 4 containers for cherry tomato plants, sunflowers, basil & other herbs that the kids will plant in the next few weeks.

Thank you all for your help and especially those of you who have no previous relationship to the Ballard Boys and Girls Club.  I encourage you all to keep an eye on the beds, pots and the club as we grow into this new club project you were all instrumental in getting in the ground.

A special THANKS to GroundSwell NW, JustGarden, Seattle Tilth, Ballard Dirt Exchange, and Cedar Grove Compost for their generous donations and support!

If you are interested in helping out with the gardening program, please email Please check out other programs that the Ballard Boys & Girls Club offer.

~~  Mike


Join Seattle’s Giving Garden Network leadership team

Seattle’s Giving Garden Network is entirely volunteer-run, and as such is always looking for people to step up and take leadership. The leadership team consists of individuals who each take on a specific task, and also commit to regular meetings, once a quarter, with the leadership team.

This is the first year SGGN is going to run this way, so part of what we need right now is a team committed to envisioning the future, and parsing out how best to set things up. Mariah Pepper, who used to work with the Giving Gardens through Lettuce Link, is working with SGGN to set up a leadership team, and will be facilitating this visioning process. The end result will be a Mission statement, a Vision statement, and a solid plan for how to manage logistics for the website, the Sprouts greenhouses, the current budget, and any future fundraising activities.

We will also be setting up expectations about how the leadership team will operate as a team. We’ll ask questions like “how do we make decisions,” “how do we deal with conflict,” and “how do we structure our meetings”. The intention is to have good communication so we can build up a strong network in our communities.

After this start-up process, each member of the leadership team will be expected to take on a specific task. These roles will be clearly defined, and not dependent on the particular people filling them. Of course, people will work together on particular projects, and some roles may be filled by more than one person. Some examples of roles are:

  • Web content editor
  • Webmaster
  • Outreach/recruitment
  • Greenhouse manager
  • Fundraising project lead

The exciting thing about getting to be part of a new venture like SGGN in its current form is that you get to help form the direction it goes in. The group will have a chance to talk through who is responsible for money raised and how to use it, how best to connect giving gardeners to each other, and how to leverage the network to grow even more produce for the food banks, community groups, and individuals who receive it.

This is also a commitment of time and energy. You can expect the following:

  • A 3-hour visioning session at the end of May
  • Significant email and/or phone contact while we define specific leadership tasks and recruit more team members through early July
  • Regular meetings every quarter beginning mid-July

If this sounds like something you want to do, please contact us at Please contact us by Friday, May 9th so we can schedule a meeting for mid-May.