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What You Told Us (we’re listening!)

hello to all of you! I have closed the gardeners’ survey. 19 of the 40 gardens responded (this is a good response rate) and I am so pleased that so many thoughtful answers were submitted. I’ve sent the detailed results to Lori and to Agnes for planning for the greenhouses next year, and have used the results to help me decide on some next steps as well. (Specifically: to also provide seeds in addition to starts.)

19 respondents provided contact information for next year’s adventure :-); if you haven’t and you’re going to want starts please get your information to us! (Use the “contact us” button on this site.)

86% will want plants next year; no one said “no” but several said “maybe.” One didn’t know.

40% will be ready to order this month!! (It is November already!) Several thought they’d be ready in December and January, one in March and 5 people didn’t know.

86% received enough plants in their order; 73% said that the plants were typically productive, and 20% said their plants were better than productive. Despite some negatives (see below) no one reported total failure.

We do clearly have room to improve (as do most human beings …. ) the ordering system can be improved, and 33% wanted more choices.

The pick up location: no one wants only a regional site delivery. Half liked the Ballard location and half want both Ballard and a regional location. When I attended the Rainier community center celebration however, many thought that Ballard was a long way to go.

1/3 of the gardeners can harden off plants, 1/3 cannot, and 1/3 do not know. (We’ll provide more education about how to do this!)

Starts that are almost ready to transplant

Starts that are almost ready to transplant

The most frustration: transplant failures of squashes and cucumbers, weird green bean plants, small size of the chard starts; there is a desire for more variety of tomatoes and a timelier distribution process. Because some specifically want seeds to hedge against crop failure, I request that we order additional seeds so that we can provide these to those gardeners who wish to grow their own.