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Spring Giving Garden Gather Feb 24

Join Seattle’s Giving Garden Network, P-Patch and Lettuce Link for our 2016 Giving Gardener Gathering! We would love to have representatives from all of the Giving Gardens in the area coming together for this gathering! This night will be an opportunity to:

· Meet with folks from P-Patch, Seattle’s Giving Garden Network, and Lettuce Link. Learn where to turn for seeds, starts, and more!
· Build community with other Giving Gardeners in the area. Share your strengths and tips with others, or reach out for advice.
· Talk with Seattle’s Giving Garden Network about receiving starts for 2016.
· Receive seeds for the new year.
· Eat and celebrate success of 2015 and the start of a new season!

Before ordering seeds: Please consider talking with your local foodbank. We encourage you to grow larger quantities of fewer varieties of vegetables for more impact at your local food bank/meal program.

To RSVP and to order seeds for the next season, please fill out this form:

If you are having trouble accessing this form, you can also send Kathleen Penna at Solid Ground an email or call to RSVP (please let me know how many people will be attending, and any dietary restrictions you may have).

And we thank Whole Foods for its ongoing support of this gather.