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Interbay Giving Garden

Winter Veggies

Some of the Gardens want to extend the veggie growing season so that produce can be provided (nearly) year-around. We agreed to try growing a limited number of starts for those who’re going to brave the rains, slugs, and grey days. We’ve started collards, two kinds of chard, tatsoi, and Winter salad greens including lettuces. These WERE ready to go the week of August 12 and a notice was sent to the giving gardens through the listserve. Do let us know how your own winter gardening experience unfolds.

Seattle Giving Gardeners: 2019’s Greens likely ready April 5-6

Assuming the weather continues with mild temperatures and sunny afternoons the greens — Asian greens of various types, a couple of kinds of lettuce, chard and kale will be ready to pick up at the Ballard location the weekend of April 5-6. Hope your beds will be as ready as the plants will be: they’ll need some protection from unexpected storms (such as row cover) and hungry slugs, snails, robins and crows.

Sprouts Plans 2019 — What and When

Lettuce – Optima & Romaine

Greens – Mustard, Collards, Asian Greens & Bok Choy 

Kale – Lacinato (dinosaur) & Green leaf

Chard – Swiss, Rainbow, Fordhook

Onions – Bunching & Scallions

Green Beans, cucumbers, zucchini

Tomatoes: Cherry (Sungold, Sweetie, Super Bush, a couple of others); Salad and Slicing Tomatoes (Stupice; Siletz; Brandywine; Super Beefsteak; Legend)

Herbs – basil

Approximate pickup dates * ^

 April 5 – 7 (first weekend in April)

 May 3 – 5 (first weekend in May)

 May 17-19 (weekend before Memorial Day)

Check back for updates about pick up dates! It all depends on the weather.

Thanks for your feedback in the 2018 SGGN Feedback Survey – here’s the Sprouts response:

We WILL start more Asian Greens in 2019

We WILL NOT start: peas, carrots, potatoes, beets, leeks, spinach, Daikon radish, parsley, cilantro, tomatillos

^ Everything is weather dependent 

*Emails will be sent to everyone on the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Giving Garden listserve.