Small Grants Available 2022

Unexpected expenses can take the joy out of a giving garden project.  If your giving garden needs help with unanticipated expenses such as broken or missing tools, willing volunteers who need a better style of glove, a rotting side-panel in the raised bed, broken hoses, or a yard or two of compost, you can apply for reimbursement from Seattle’s Giving Garden Network’s Small Grants Program.  We’ve a small pot of money to use for exactly these types of things and the process is surprisingly simple  Contact us at to learn more about it.

Giving Gardens really are productive–

It’s important to tell the city what your GG has Donated.

Delridge is proud of their greens (and they should be!)

2020’s harvest exceeded 20 tons of fresh, organic, local produce given to food banks and mission kitchen programs in Seattle. We know even more was grown and given because we provided seeds and starts to programs which do not participate in reporting to the city, including gardens supported directly by the food banks, and food bank clients. We’re thinking that despite the heat and dry weather 2021 was even more productive. Please respond to the city’s survey for 2021’s produce pounds: that way we know that the Giving Gardens will be given the credit so totally deserved.

Ballard’s amazing peppers and tomatoes. So beautiful.