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Planting quantity verse harvest quantity

Ever wonder how much produce your plot will produce when you plant seeds or seedlings? Diane Brooks from Delridge Giving Gardens sent us the results from their garden last year.

Here’s some numbers from Delridge P-Patch Giving Garden that might help new gardens understand what they can expect from their plantings.

The list is the plant, start or seed quantity  = pounds harvested. For example, for 16 tomato plants, they harvested 58 pounds of fruit

Plant # of plants or seeds quantity Pounds harvested
tomato 16 plants = 58 pounds
hot pepper 16 plants = 6 1/2 pounds
beets 60 plants = 8 pounds
zukes 3 plants 95 pounds
Patty Pan squash 1 plant 8 pounds
Kabocha squash 1 plant 2 1/2 pounds (1 squash only)
cilantro 150 plants 30 pounds (harvested w/roots)
bunching onion 1 seed pack 11 pounds
Komatsuna Japanese Spinach Mustard 174 plants 41 pounds (club root infestation)
Scarlet Runner beans 1 seed pack 60 pounds
basil 27 plants 10 1/2 pounds (seems high!??) – they grew fast after each cutting
Giant Snow peas 1 pound seeds 42 pounds (partial crop failure after germination)

Thanks Diane for this information. It should help us plan what we plant this year in our own giving gardens!