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Thank You Whole Foods (Interbay)

IMG_2999 We so appreciated Whole Foods’ support of the first annual Tomato Taste Off! This event says “Thank You!” to the volunteers who helped us grow more than 13,000 veggie starts for the Giving Gardens and food bank clients in 2015. (We hear a rumor that Whole Foods also provided some seeds for our 2016 Spring Giving Garden event. Outstanding!) Whole Foods logo

Ballard Boys and Girls Club Raised Gardens Were a Big Success!!

Pictures of the Raised Garden Beds being built

Pictures of the Raised Garden Beds being built

What a great day in Ballard on Saturday, May 17th.  I wanted to give a special thanks to some of our amazing volunteers.  Donna & Monica (from Interbay Giving Garden and took the lead as our garden pros providing lots of helpful gardening tips and an amazing amount of hard work from the beginning to the end.  Tim was constantly in motion and a big help building and preparing the beds for plants.  Jody, Christine, and Katie were and impressive representation from our board,  hammering, shoveling and planting their hearts into our new raised garden project.  The Wukitch Family, were enthusiastic and tireless, working so hard you would have thought they owned the place.  My good friend Mike kept me centered and steadily manned a shovel and wheelbarrow in the team effort to get our beds filled and ready for planting.  One little girl, Brooke, passing by to watch her brother play baseball,  stopped to help and immersed herself in the love of gardening with new friends on the sunny Ballard day.  Not to be outdone by anyone, Shelly Puariea our Club Director has been a tireless champion from the beginning.  She diligently supported, guided, and worked this project into an amazing success.  Thank you Shelly.

Saturday we built 5 raised beds on the north side of the club and planted three of the beds with freshly sprouted starts from our club kids.  Two beds have been left ready for the kids to plant as new starts come up in the club.  We have also prepared 4 containers for cherry tomato plants, sunflowers, basil & other herbs that the kids will plant in the next few weeks.

Thank you all for your help and especially those of you who have no previous relationship to the Ballard Boys and Girls Club.  I encourage you all to keep an eye on the beds, pots and the club as we grow into this new club project you were all instrumental in getting in the ground.

A special THANKS to GroundSwell NW, JustGarden, Seattle Tilth, Ballard Dirt Exchange, and Cedar Grove Compost for their generous donations and support!

If you are interested in helping out with the gardening program, please email Please check out other programs that the Ballard Boys & Girls Club offer.

~~  Mike