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Dedicated Giving Gardens across Seattle serve to close painful gaps in access to food and, most importantly, share with our neighbors the high-quality nutrition that comes from organic produce.

The 2022 reported total from Giving Gardens amounted to over 44,000 pounds of fresh produce, herbs and flowers.

This is a number that’s exciting and inspiring.  We also know that the actual amount of food donated from gardeners in Seattle is far greater – this amount reported is just from city-sponsored P-Patches.

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Interested in joining an existing Giving Garden or creating your own in a private or community space?

We invite you to reach out!  We’re always looking for folks who would like to help and we’re here to support you in your Giving Garden journey. Contact us at

To find an existing giving garden, contact the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Program or SGGN for connection.

Grow To Give spaces look like...

  • Giving Garden Beds:  These are larger growing spaces inside of an existing public or private garden, dedicated to donating.
  • Grow-A-Row:  This has become an extremely successful movement dedicating a specific area of personal garden space for sharing with others
  • Collective Growing:  These are growing spaces available for community members to help plant and grow collectively in a shared patch of land
  • Open Harvest:  This is space that’s open for the community to freely harvest 

Share with your community

  • Donate from your home garden Just like at a grocery store, label your donations for clear communication, especially if they are not immediately identifiable. Harvest, clean, package and donate to a program nearest to you.  Every neighborhood has food support organizations – including food banks, meal making / distributing groups and free food pantries. 
  • Free Farm Stand:  These are hosted at a specific garden location, available for the surrounding community to shop from freely
  • Little Free Farmer’s Markets:  This is produce harvested and brought directly to a neighborhood partnership location that’s displayed publicly and available for the people in that community to shop from freely
  • Door-To-Door:  This is produce delivered directly to the homes of neighbors or community partner organizations

Join SGGN's Contact List

Join SGGN’s Contact List

Seattle Giving Garden Network is here to support all volunteers in growing to give. 

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