About Us

What We Do

Our Mission: To facilitate the cultivation of organic, locally sourced produce by Seattle gardeners to supply food banks, street kitchens, and other essential food pantries.

Operating from an ethos of abundance, we offer resources to participating gardeners who generously donate their harvest. These resources encompass seeds, plant starts, networking opportunities, and financial support.

We collaborate with the Department of Neighborhoods “Giving Garden” program, church gardens, and home gardens dedicated to addressing food insecurity within their communities.

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A Brief History

Seattle’s Giving Garden Network (SGGN) emerged in 2010 from the collaborative endeavors of a dedicated cohort of Giving Gardeners committed to bolstering the community of philanthropic gardeners. Over time, SGGN has assumed increasing responsibilities in supporting volunteer gardeners and their charitable initiatives. The integration of Sprouts greenhouses into SGGN exemplifies this expansion. When Lettuce Link, an organization deeply involved in melding gardening with community engagement, faced funding cuts impacting staff positions crucial for logistics in distributing plant starts, a group of volunteers swiftly rallied to establish the Sprouts program. This grassroots effort evolved into SGGN, fostering connectivity and amplifying resources for volunteer gardeners.

Who We Are

SGGN’s dedicated team of volunteers collaborates to uphold annual programs and fulfill various tasks aimed at bolstering volunteer gardeners and their gardens, striving to advance our shared mission of Growing To Give. Let’s also recognize our industrious Sprouts teams, comprised of numerous volunteers working tirelessly in greenhouses to produce free sprouts.

Support Our Mission

To volunteer, kindly begin by completing this Google Form.

For donations, visit Grow Northwest and designate Seattle Giving Garden Network in the provided text box.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us at info@sggn.org.

Thank you!