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    Support Ballard Sprouts!

    The Ballard Sprouts project provides a headstart to the Seattle Giving Gardeners by starting seeds in a greenhouse in mid-February. We transplant and tend the plants and then in April donate the plants to the Seattle Giving Gardeners.  These gardeners will grow and harvest the food then donate the produce to the Seattle Food Banks or food needy people. These giving gardens are…

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    Donate to SGGN by December 15th!

    We have a Fundraising campaign happening! Please help us reach our goal! https://donate.seedmoney.org/9407/seattle-giving-garden-network-2023 Reaching this goal will allow us to continue to provide over 20,000 plants to give giving gardeners a strong start to the growing season–improving the chances of a reliable harvest. We offer a bountiful assortment of free seed packets annually at our Giving Gardeners Gathering and have…

  • P-Patch 50th Anniversary Celebration Invitation. September 9, 2023. 3-6pm. Magnuson P-Patch.
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    50th Anniversary Celebration

    Join us at Magnuson Park P-Patch September 9, 2023, 3-6pm We will be celebrating the P-Patch Program’s 50th Anniversary on Saturday September 9 from 3-6 PM at Magnuson Park P-Patch! The event is free and open to all. Come enjoy snacks, live music, and children’s garden activities, to celebrate this vibrant legacy and flourishing community. Officially started in 1973, the…

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    SGGN Awards Small Grants to Giving Gardens

    For the second year, SGGN awarded small grants to individual Giving Gardens who requested funds for a specific purpose. Grants are capped at $300 per year, per Giving Garden.   We are delighted to announce the recipients of our 2023 SGGN Small Grant Programs.  Thank you gardeners for all the work you do. Below is a summary of the grant recipients:…

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    Ballard Sprouts March 2023 News

    Ballard Sprouts started planting seeds on Valentines day, 20 trays of 220 seeds each.  During the very cold spell we kept the trays on the heating mats.  Now we have planted another 20 trays and are just beginning to transplant the first seedlings into pots, 5 per pot.We will continue seeding, transplanting, fertilizing and caring for these plants until mid April…

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    We Reached our Goal!

    Thanks to our many generous donors, we surpassed our $5000 fundraisinggoal during our November fundraising campaign. Our donors pushed usover the top with strong early support and gainied us two challenge grantsfrom Seedmoney, which brought our total fundraising to $5600. Onehundred percent of these dollars goes towards supporting giving gardenersthrough our Sprouts and Small Grants programs. Our very sincerest thanks…

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    Annual Seed Distribution Gathering!

    The Seattle Giving Garden Network invites all giving gardeners to its annual Seed Distribution Gathering. We have hundreds of seed packets that include vegetables, herbs and flowers to be collected for planting in giving gardens around the city. When? Saturday, February 11, 2023 10:30 am Where? Montlake Community Center, 1618 East Calhoun Street, Seattle 98112 There will be a short program of speakers at…

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    December Appreciation

    At SGGN we decided to make December a month of appreciation. Gardeners that grow to give do it from the heart. The hours of devotion to growing for others. You giving gardeners do an incredible job. Keep it up! Are you interested in in growing to give? Please email us for more information on how to get involved. info@sggn.org

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    Seedmoney Donation Campaign Starts Nov 15th!

    Our month long Seedmoney Donation Campaign starts Nov 15th. Your donation, whatever the amount, will fund programs that provide free vegetable starts, seeds and small grants to giving gardeners around our city.  Last year these gardeners grew 42,000 pounds of fresh organic produce for local food banks and community feeding programs.   Donate here: https://donate.seedmoney.org/7769/seattle-giving-garden-network-2022   to keep this work moving forward!   Don’t delay! Our…

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    Molbaks donation

    Our volunteers Peggy and Tasia have been working hard at securing seed donations for February’s seed event. Our volunteer Rob had picked these up from Molbaks . Thank you Molbak’s for the donation.

  • Celebrations


    New Volunteers are always welcome. Help us in our mission to provide fresh food to people who need it most.

  • Giving Garden

    Some great growing

    We are having a great season in the giving garden. This is in large part to the grant we received this spring from SGGN which we used to purchase moodoo for our existing plots and to revitalize a plot long underutilized. Some ups and downs. Bunnies nibbled our pole beans but we replanted and put up fencing, we had some…

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    Thank you local companies for your generous seed donations!

    We are so grateful to our many seed retailers and seed companies for their generous seed donations. Their contributions provide seeds to our local giving gardeners, and food banks. This year we also partnered with Northwest Harvest to distribute donated seeds across the state. Please support these wonderful businesses and seed companies that help make this happen! Email us at…

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    Gardener Updates

    Hello giving gardeners! Welcome to our new website! There’s a new look, but much is the same. A big change is the option for giving gardeners to submit a post on our site! To submit a post, visit https://www.sggn.org/garden-updates (or the link below in the footer at the very bottom of this site). Let us know what you’re growing, upcoming…

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    Sprouts Growing Tomatoes

    On April 28th the Sprouts volunteers transplanted 1000 tomato plants and placed them in the hoop houses. We put netting around them to keep the rabbits out. For the last three weeks the weather has been so cold that we have mostly kept the hoop houses covered. Now, as the weather turns warmer, we can uncover the hoop houses to…

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    Small Grants Available 2022

    Unexpected expenses can take the joy out of a giving garden project.  If your giving garden needs help with unanticipated expenses such as broken or missing tools, willing volunteers who need a better style of glove, a rotting side-panel in the raised bed, broken hoses, or a yard or two of compost, you can apply for reimbursement from Seattle’s Giving…

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    Giving Gardens really are productive–

    It’s important to tell the city what your GG has Donated. 2020’s harvest exceeded 20 tons of fresh, organic, local produce given to food banks and mission kitchen programs in Seattle. We know even more was grown and given because we provided seeds and starts to programs which do not participate in reporting to the city, including gardens supported directly…

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    2021 Update – SGGN continuing its mission

    SGGN’s committed Ballard Sprouts volunteers grew and distributed more than 22,000 vegetable starts to Giving Gardens, Food Bank clients and kitchen gardens. An experienced and passionate gardener is requesting seeds for distribution to the Giving Gardens and food banks in 2022. Giving Gardeners were reimbursed their expenses for tools and rabbit fences. Despite the best efforts of local rabbits, the…

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    Thank you, Seattle

    Our deepest gratitude for the support of our crowd-funding campaign in November. Thanks to you the Sprouts planting and distribution program continues, the seeds from donors will be distributed, and we can help the Giving Gardens with maintenance needs. Funds are used for seed-starting mix, seeds, transplanting soil, and heating mats; additional funds are used to support the food bank…

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    In English & Español: el Programa — cultivo de hortalizas; vegetable gardening, natural yard care

    ¡El Programa de Control de Malas Hierbas Nocivas del Condado de King, en colaboración con Seattle Public Utilities, está ofreciendo un taller gratuito en español sobre el manejo natural del jardín, cultivo de hortalizas y el control de las malas hierbas. Este taller es perfecto para los profesionales del jardín y el paisaje, y también cualquier otra persona interesada en…

  • Interbay Giving Garden

    Winter Veggies

    Some of the Gardens want to extend the veggie growing season so that produce can be provided (nearly) year-around. We agreed to try growing a limited number of starts for those who’re going to brave the rains, slugs, and grey days. We’ve started collards, two kinds of chard, tatsoi, and Winter salad greens including lettuces. These WERE ready to go…

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    Seattle Giving Gardeners: 2019’s Greens likely ready April 5-6

    Assuming the weather continues with mild temperatures and sunny afternoons the greens — Asian greens of various types, a couple of kinds of lettuce, chard and kale will be ready to pick up at the Ballard location the weekend of April 5-6. Hope your beds will be as ready as the plants will be: they’ll need some protection from unexpected…

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    Spring Gather

    Despite the recent snow and ice: we gardeners know we need to begin planting. We shared wisdom and seeds on February 16. Thanks to donors: Swansons, Skye, Bellevue Nursery, City Peoples, Urban Earth Nursery, Magnolia Garden Center, Burpee, Renee’s Garden and Johnny’s Seeds.

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    Seed Donations for 2019

    Sometimes we just need to roll up our sleeves:  and November 17 we’ll be sorting about 5000 donated veggie and herb seed packets for distribution this coming spring.  The packets need to be organized and their flaps (which tend to come loose) taped or re-glued.  Then they’ll be distributed to the Giving Gardens at the Spring Gather, to food banks…

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    Information about tomato sprouts (and other warm weather starts)

    This distribution is TENTATIVELY scheduled mid to late May each year, if nighttime temperatures continue to be 50 degrees farenheit. We chose to plant a diverse variety this year: in part because our summer weather is uncertain. Here’s what they are: TOMATOES: in general, plant out when nighttime temperatures are reliably at or above 50 degrees F. Apply about ¼…

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    Tomatoes are a challenge in the PNW — we’ll provide starts, you grow them

    SGGN will have tomato starts ready for the giving gardens, kitchen gardens, and food banks approximately mid-May, 2018. Despite the cold April weather, we have lots of starts, and lots of varieties including slicers (beefsteak, Money Maker, Siletz) cherry tomatoes: (red and yellow) paste and pasta varieties (San Marzano varieties). For those who’d like some tutoring before taking on the…

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    2018 Sprouts ready April 6 for Giving Gardeners

    To all the Giving Gardeners: plant starts are ready for pickup at the Ballard Greenhouse starting Friday April 6th at 9am and continuing until Sunday April 8th at 6pm. If you need to know where this is please ask! (We will not post the address on this public site.) There are 5 plants per pot. Take what you can grow…

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    2018’s Starts – looking good

    We are happy that Spring is near — here’s an advance peek at the work of our dedicated volunteers. Estimated time until they’re ready for pickup: another 4-6 weeks (depending on the weather, of course!)

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    Seed Distribution for Giving Gardeners February 10 2018

    at the Spring Gather. The Spring Gather will be near the Immaculate P Patch on Capital Hill in a room in the Lake Washington Girls Middle School. We are grateful that the Middle School has made space available for this event. Address: 810 18th Avenue Date and Time: Saturday, Feb 10th, 2018: 10 AM to Noon We will have seeds…

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    SHOULD I pick those squash?

    If you were growing summer squash: you know the season is over and that it’s time to be thinking about pulling those vines and composting them. My own winter squash, however, still have nice looking fruit and some decent looking leaves. When to harvest, and how to ensure long shelf life for the food bank clients? Fortunately, Territorial’s blog just…

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    Three Greenhouses

    The Ballard Sprouts, South Park’s Providence Regina House Food Bank, and a small back yard greenhouse grew more than ten thousand starts for Seattle’s Giving Gardens. 2017 should be a very good year. Thank you to all of the volunteers who planted, nurtured, transplanted and transported these wonderful plants.

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    2017’s STARTS seeded by Sprouts volunteers

    Volunteers have seeded lettuce, chard, tomatoes, peppers, kale and Asian greens for distribution to Seattle Giving Gardeners. Later there’ll be summer squash and cucumbers. When will these be ready to distribute? It depends upon the weather: our greenhouses are passive greenhouses but cozy, even on our snowy days. We’ll send a notice through the city of Seattle’s listserve when they’re…