Donate to SGGN by December 15th!

We have a Fundraising campaign happening! Please help us reach our goal!

Reaching this goal will allow us to continue to provide over 20,000 plants to give giving gardeners a strong start to the growing season–improving the chances of a reliable harvest. We offer a bountiful assortment of free seed packets annually at our Giving Gardeners Gathering and have an easily accessible funding program for your garden’s needs.

If you can, PLEASE DONATE TODAY! Any amount is greatly appreciated- $5 – $20 – $50+ – With the small funding SGGN requires, we do incredible things! We use our funding thoughtfully by meeting and planning all year round. SGGN holds additional meetings with a steering committee to ensure our actions stay aligned with our mission, and we have passionate and dedicated volunteers who care. We believe the work that giving gardeners do is important. 🌿

Next year we plan to:
Grow 20,000+ plants in 3 greenhouse locations.
Host a fun and supportive Giving Gardeners Gathering, where we will offer thousands of seed packets for giving gardeners.
Offer even more funding through our Small Grants Program.
Improve connection and communications in all corners of our network; online sharing of work parties and harvest dates; helping your garden get more volunteers; conduct research of the demographic food needs of Seattle communities.
SGGN is thriving and we want to keep our collective work going until food inequities are no longer an issue.🌷

Thank you for your continued support!!❤️💚🌳

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