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Support Ballard Sprouts!

The Ballard Sprouts project provides a headstart to the Seattle Giving Gardeners by starting seeds in a greenhouse in mid-February. We transplant and tend the plants and then in April donate the plants to the Seattle Giving Gardeners.  These gardeners will grow and harvest the food then donate the produce to the Seattle Food Banks or food needy people. These giving gardens are usually associated with a P-Patch but anyone can have a giving garden.

All the funds for Ballard Sprouts come from the Seattle Giving Garden Network.  Ballard Sprouts spends about $2500 each year and we donate around 20,000 plants to the Seattle Giving Gardeners.  

In 2023 we had a successful Sprouts pilot project at Heron’s Nest in West Seattle.  They grew and contributed over 2,000 plants and they plan to double that in 2024.

We have another Sprouts location that will start up in 2024 in the Beacon Hill Neighborhood with a goal of growing 5,000 plants.

SGGN funds all these locations, provides small grants to giving gardeners to improve their plots, and distributes seeds. SGGN is having a fundraiser through the Campaign that runs until December 14th. The SeedMoney Campaign provides a webpage and a donate button and all funds donated on the SGGN page comes directly to SGGN without any overhead.

We invite you to donate now or anytime until December 15th.  AND share our work and this link with your family and friends and ask them to support Ballard Sprouts. $20, $30, $40 all make a difference.  SeedMoney will provide a bonus for the project with the most donors so please invite everyone to support this project.

Support Ballard Sprouts at:

Thank you for your support!

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