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    Support Ballard Sprouts!

    The Ballard Sprouts project provides a headstart to the Seattle Giving Gardeners by starting seeds in a greenhouse in mid-February. We transplant and tend the plants and then in April donate the plants to the Seattle Giving Gardeners.  These gardeners will grow and harvest the food then donate the produce to the Seattle Food Banks or food needy people. These giving gardens are usually associated with a P-Patch but anyone can have a giving garden. All the funds for Ballard Sprouts come from the Seattle Giving Garden Network.  Ballard Sprouts spends about $2500 each year and we donate around 20,000 plants to the Seattle Giving Gardeners.   In 2023 we had a successful Sprouts pilot…

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    We Reached our Goal!

    Thanks to our many generous donors, we surpassed our $5000 fundraisinggoal during our November fundraising campaign. Our donors pushed usover the top with strong early support and gainied us two challenge grantsfrom Seedmoney, which brought our total fundraising to $5600. Onehundred percent of these dollars goes towards supporting giving gardenersthrough our Sprouts and Small Grants programs. Our very sincerest thanks to everyone who donated, and a shout out to seedmoney.org forsupporting gardening projects across the country.