Thank you, Seattle

Our deepest gratitude for the support of our crowd-funding campaign in November. Thanks to you the Sprouts planting and distribution program continues, the seeds from donors will be distributed, and we can help the Giving Gardens with maintenance needs.

Funds are used for seed-starting mix, seeds, transplanting soil, and heating mats; additional funds are used to support the food bank giving gardens themselves with replacement wood for raised beds, repair of water systems, and purchase of small tools.

We are so grateful to the local nurseries City Peoples, Urban Earth Nursery,  West Seattle Nursery, Swansons,  Sky Nursery, and Bellevue Nursery — and to Renee’s Seeds/Cornucopia and to Territorial, Burpee, and Victory seeds for the vegetable seeds we send along to the giving gardens, low income gardeners, and food banks and their clients. Growing veggies is about hope: and you make us hopeful.

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