Seedmoney Donation Campaign Starts Nov 15th!

Our month long Seedmoney Donation Campaign starts Nov 15th. Your donation, whatever the amount, will fund programs that provide free vegetable starts, seeds and small grants to giving gardeners around our city.  Last year these gardeners grew 42,000 pounds of fresh organic produce for local food banks and community feeding programs.  

Donate here: https://donate.seedmoney.org/7769/seattle-giving-garden-network-2022   to keep this work moving forward!  

Don’t delay! Our campaign ends December 15th.

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  • Rick grossman

    I would like to suggest that we make the giving gardens become more productive and easier to operate. One way of doing that is by selecting certain plants that are much easier to grow and one in particular, I would like to recommend is orache. Once planted iit text Lil care and produces a large amount of greens and one plant will produce enough seeds for thousands of plants the next year I will be happy to mail you an envelope with a couple of hundred of these seeds.

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