Growing Tips

Spring is in the Air- Or is that Zoo Doo?

Tired Garden Beds? do you need a little zip for the zoochini, pep for the peas , or oomph for the okra- Zoo Doo is availabe now from Woodlawn Park Zoo.
Zoo Doo is straw, woodchips, wood shavings and manure from non-primate herbivores. The compost is ready for immediate application on all edible and non-edible plants
Set up an appointment. Pickup is next to the Woodland Park Rose Garden. At your appointment time, arrive at the Zoo Doo yard, back your vehicle up to the pile of fully mature compost, and load the compost by hand. You can take as much or as little as you want for your gardens, free of charge

Gardeners who GROW TO GIVE: Please contact Julie at and put the following in the email subject line: “Giving Garden Donation Request”.

Please note: All donations will have to be shoveled by hand and done M-Th likely between 10am-2pm, pending Julie’s schedule.


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