Sprouts Plans 2019 — What and When

Lettuce – Optima & Romaine

Greens – Mustard, Collards, Asian Greens & Bok Choy 

Kale – Lacinato (dinosaur) & Green leaf

Chard – Swiss, Rainbow, Fordhook

Onions – Bunching & Scallions

Green Beans, cucumbers, zucchini

Tomatoes: Cherry (Sungold, Sweetie, Super Bush, a couple of others); Salad and Slicing Tomatoes (Stupice; Siletz; Brandywine; Super Beefsteak; Legend)

Herbs – basil

Approximate pickup dates * ^

 April 5 – 7 (first weekend in April)

 May 3 – 5 (first weekend in May)

 May 17-19 (weekend before Memorial Day)

Check back for updates about pick up dates! It all depends on the weather.

Thanks for your feedback in the 2018 SGGN Feedback Survey – here’s the Sprouts response:

We WILL start more Asian Greens in 2019

We WILL NOT start: peas, carrots, potatoes, beets, leeks, spinach, Daikon radish, parsley, cilantro, tomatillos

^ Everything is weather dependent 

*Emails will be sent to everyone on the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Giving Garden listserve.

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