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Ballard Sprouts March 2023 News

Ballard Sprouts started planting seeds on Valentines day, 20 trays of 220 seeds each.  During the very cold spell we kept the trays on the heating mats.  Now we have planted another 20 trays and are just beginning to transplant the first seedlings into pots, 5 per pot.
We will continue seeding, transplanting, fertilizing and caring for these plants until mid April when they will be donated to gardeners who are growing food for the Food Banks or food needy programs. Here are photos of volunteers planting seeds and Michael checking them one week later.
Ballard Sprouts will no longer have access to its greenhouse in Ballard as of June 2024.  We are actively looking for another greenhouse.  Please look around and ask your neighbors who have a greenhouse if they would be willing to host this project in the future. We would like to locate another greenhouse as soon as possible so we can provide a smooth transition. Email any leads to: We will provide a tour of our current set up so they will know what is involved. Our goal is to have three locations in Seattle growing Sprouts. Thank you.

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