• SGGN Sprouts

    Mike checking Seedlings

    Our Sprouts program is one of our largest supportive programs at SGGN. Mike is doing great job at Herons Nest Greenhouse checking on the seedlings 🌱 Thank you to all the hardworking volunteers that come in everyday to the Ballard, Beacon Hill and Herons Nest Greenhouse to grow and give.

  • SGGN Sprouts

    Ballard Sprouts March 2023 News

    Ballard Sprouts started planting seeds on Valentines day, 20 trays of 220 seeds each.  During the very cold spell we kept the trays on the heating mats.  Now we have planted another 20 trays and are just beginning to transplant the first seedlings into pots, 5 per pot.We will continue seeding, transplanting, fertilizing and caring for these plants until mid April when they will be donated to gardeners who are growing food for the Food Banks or food needy programs. Here are photos of volunteers planting seeds and Michael checking them one week later.Ballard Sprouts will no longer have access to its greenhouse in Ballard as of June 2024.  We are…

  • SGGN Sprouts

    Sprouts Growing Tomatoes

    On April 28th the Sprouts volunteers transplanted 1000 tomato plants and placed them in the hoop houses. We put netting around them to keep the rabbits out. For the last three weeks the weather has been so cold that we have mostly kept the hoop houses covered. Now, as the weather turns warmer, we can uncover the hoop houses to give the tomatoes some welcome sun and warmth. We still do not know what day we will distribute the tomato plants. We are monitoring them and the weather.

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    SGGN Sprouts – Learn about our greenhouses!

    Each February, community volunteers refresh their seed-sowing skills and begin planting lettuces, kales, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetable varieties that grow well in Seattle. As successions of seeds are sown in the greenhouses, winter blankets of burlap and leaves are removed from Giving Gardens in the city’s P-Patches. Starts continue to leave the greenhouse through late May and are distributed to waiting Giving Gardens across Seattle. The seedlings help extend the growing season and increase harvests, allowing more produce to be donated to food banks, shelters, and meal programs. Vegetable varieties are tailored to food bank requests and ensure that different cultural communities receive familiar and favorite foods. We…