Group of seven gardeners smiling and posing with their veggies

SGGN Awards Small Grants to Giving Gardens

For the second year, SGGN awarded small grants to individual Giving Gardens who requested funds for a specific purpose. Grants are capped at $300 per year, per Giving Garden.   We are delighted to announce the recipients of our 2023 SGGN Small Grant Programs.  Thank you gardeners for all the work you do.

Below is a summary of the grant recipients:

University District P- Patch:  $225 for a rabbit fence. 

Picardo Farms:  $300 for tools and supplies. 

Gilman Gardens:  $211 for garden framing.  

Maple Leaf Community Garden:  $299 for compost, netting, hose nozzles, support towers

Shiga’s Garden:  $300 for two raised beds. 

Barton P-Patch: $98 for improvements to vertical gardening. 

Ballard Food Bank Giving Garden: $250 for general improvements. Bank. 

Judkins Park: $270 for soil. 

Magnuson Park P-Patch: $165 for hoses, tools.  

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