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About Us


Seattle’s Giving Garden Network (SGGN) is an entirely volunteer-run association that helps to serve as a connector for the hundreds of individuals and gardens dedicated to growing and giving in the city. Not that long ago, everyone was operating in isolation, solving their problems by themselves and figuring things out on their own. Now we are all part of a network, sharing information, strengths and resources, and drawing more attention to the important work we do to fight hunger in Seattle.

Within Seattle’s P-Patch Community Garden system, there are 80+ gardens with some kind of volunteer-run “growing and giving” program. Many gardens have dedicated giving garden plots; in others, individual P-Patchers grow extra rows for the hungry. Many more giving gardens can be found in backyards, alleys, senior centers, demonstration gardens, and elsewhere.

Growing and Giving

Teams of volunteers grow thousands of vegetable starts for the giving gardens every season at three graciously donated greenhouse spaces. The starts are picked up or delivered by volunteer drivers. Giving garden volunteers plant, weed, and tend the gardens throughout the year and harvest the produce as it matures. More volunteers deliver the food to food banks, senior centers, residences, shelters…wherever it is needed in their communities. Others request and help to deliver free seeds to the Giving Gardeners, as well as to food banks and to food bank clients and to mission kitchen programs. If you would like to join this remarkable, multi-pronged effort in any capacity, click here.

Seattle’s Giving Garden Network operates under a fiscal sponsorship agreement with GROW (formerly P-Patch Trust), a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax deductible.

In the Media

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