How to Start a Giving Garden

All kinds of wonderful people and organizations have created useful documents to help you start a giving garden or run one more efficiently. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we thought we’d just direct you to a few of these excellent resources. Hundreds of articles and guides can be found by searching online. The ones below were selected for their local relevance.

ParentMap‘s “Start a Giving Garden: A Guide to Food Bank Gardening”

The Tilth Alliance has a great gardening hotline, as well as lots of education.

Confused about all that conflicting advice, or looking for advice that is evidence based? Try the College of Agriculture, Extension Agents, or Master Gardener Programs

Still too much?  One zucchini plant, one tomato plant, one cluster of herbs – it all matters.  Every little bit is appreciated.  Find your local food bank for donation information.

Or, join us at an upcoming event, explore P-Patches and giving gardens for ideas, and ask questions! We’re here to help.