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Food and Faith Programs

We’ve met involved gardeners with the food and faith initiative these last couple of years. Sometimes the folks are growing food for the public food banks, sometimes supporting their own kitchen-based feeding programs. More information about the these groups (and resources for starting or for maintaining your own) can be found on Seattle Tilth’s site. The Food and Faith Initiative provides support for faith-based organizations who want to grow veggies: including information about incorporating food gardening into existing ministries, education and training for congregations, ongoing technical support, guidance on volunteer engagement that will sustain these gardens for many years.

Seed Exchange offers free seeds: bring ’em, take ’em

King County Seed Lending LibaryThe King County Seed Lending Library hosts its Second Annual Seed Swap on January 31, 2015, which is National Seed Swap Day. Get your edible gardening started: share seeds of your favorite plants and get inspired to grow something new! The free swap will be held 1-4 pm at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, 6532 Phinney Avenue N., Seattle, in Rooms 6 and 7 of the Blue Building.

Please bring seeds if you have them. They can be homegrown or store-bought — even partially used packets. Attendees aren’t required to bring seeds to take them, but are asked to limit what they take in order for all to enjoy the swap.

Workshops will offer education on saving and cleaning seeds. Speakers include KCSLL Co-director and Urban Food Warrior Caitlin Moore; author Bill Thorness (Edible Heirlooms, Cool Season Gardener); and author and educator Lisa Taylor (Your Farm in the City, Maritime Northwest Garden Guide).

Learn about the library’s newest branch: the Phinney Neighborhood Association! The PNA has agreed to host the seed collection in its popular Tool Library. Starting in February, seeds can be “checked out” during the Tool Library’s regular hours.

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