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2018 Sprouts ready April 6 for Giving Gardeners

To all the Giving Gardeners: plant starts are ready for pickup at the Ballard Greenhouse starting Friday April 6th at 9am and continuing until Sunday April 8th at 6pm. If you need to know where this is please ask! (We will not post the address on this public site.)

There are 5 plants per pot. Take what you can grow and donate to food banks or food programs. Only take the pots, leave the trays. It is best to bring a box to transport your pots. Please return the pots and labels back for our reuse.

Please be sure to fill in the pickup sheet in the plastic box with a count of how many pots you are taking of each type.

Here’s what we have:
Pac Choi
Nash Green Kale
Lacinato Kale
Ruby Red chard
Rainbow Chard
Fordhook Chard
Optima Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce

There’ll be another give away for the plants that need warmer weather in May. This will include tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. There will be both bean sprouts and bean seeds available at this time.

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  • Dianne

    PS: we have found a light row cover to be helpful in protecting the sprouts from the several hail showers we’ve had the last few days

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