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Free soil testing for King County residents

The King County Conservation District will process up to five free soil tests (lifetime, per address.)
To learn more (including how to send the samples and how to take a sample) contact the district. Worried about heavy metals? The Department of Ecology has an interactive webpage to check services available at your specific address.

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  • Dianne

    As of 2014 there was a program staffed by WSU: “The Conservation Tillage Program seeks to assist local gardeners and farmer adopt sustainable and energy-saving practices through a no-till seed drill community rental program, soil testing and educational opportunities. Administered by the WSU Kitsap Extension Small Farms Program… For information please contact Diane Fish of the WSU Kitsap Extension Small Farms Team at 360.337.7026 or About the WSU Kitsap Extension Small Farms Team: The Small Farms Team provides educational programs and research-based information for farmers, consumers, decision-makers, and others involved in local food systems. Learn more at: . We’ve sent an email to Ms. Fish to see if the program is still offered.

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