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    Donors Bring it Home

    Our 2023 seed money campaign was grandslam. We exceeded our goal by a considerable amount and recieved an extra grant from seedmoney! We owe this to success to the overwhelming response from our wonderful donors . We raised over $6000 dollars which will go towards fully funding our three Sprouts locations as well as doubling our small grants budgets- A big win for all our Giving Gardners- thank you Donors

  • pea vines growing amongst a blue sky.

    We Reached our Goal!

    Thanks to our many generous donors, we surpassed our $5000 fundraisinggoal during our November fundraising campaign. Our donors pushed usover the top with strong early support and gainied us two challenge grantsfrom Seedmoney, which brought our total fundraising to $5600. Onehundred percent of these dollars goes towards supporting giving gardenersthrough our Sprouts and Small Grants programs. Our very sincerest thanks to everyone who donated, and a shout out to seedmoney.org forsupporting gardening projects across the country.