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Theft from P-Patches

Safety, Vandalism, Theft in the Garden  was recently shared online by which hosted a very active discussion by gardeners about theft of veggies: carefully nurtured tomatoes, carrots, and fennel bulbs being some of what was stolen; also anything copper or brass (useful for recyclers), themometers, ladders, and gardening tools.  Gardeners shared strategies:

  • physical barriers (a short two foot fence; planting the desirable stuff in the back of the patch so it’s hard to reach and keeping hoses and tools in a locked shed)
  • signs;
  • codes of conduct;
  • engaging those who walk through the garden in dialogue;
  • deliberately labeling a part of the p-patch for public harvest;
  • keeping the garden neat and tidy to discourage those who feel that the gardener has abandoned the plot and that it needs to be gleaned
  • An example of signage:  Enjoy our garden sign fr magnuson p patch

But I must say something else: thank you for keeping on with your gardening and growing for the community, despite discouraging moments. Your work is appreciated.

(I try to summarize interesting discussions here, but feel free to sign up at the city of Seattle website to participate directly in the discussion.)

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