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The “New Normal…

Today’s Seattle Times had an interesting article by Janet I. Tu, “‘New normal’ Food banks much busier, despite better economy” that talks about the increasing number of visits to local food banks. While a lot of people think the economy has mostly recovered during last few years, this article provides some alarming statistics including: “In the Seattle area, some food banks are getting more visits now than they did during the recession. At the 27 food pantries in the Seattle Food Committee coalition, the number of visits (including delivery of food to homes) went up from 928,656 in 2007 to 1.1 million in 2009 and to nearly 1.4 million last year.”

This article also highlighted the story of a local food bank client and interviewed Sam Osborne, executive director at the Rainier Valley Food Bank. At our recent Giving Gardeners’ Gathering, we were fortunate to have Sam talk to us about this growing need for donations to food bank and how much our efforts have been appreciated.

Read the the Seattle Time‘s article at ‘New normal’ Food banks much busier, despite better economy.

I imagine that there are many reasons our gardeners are motivated to grow produce for local food banks and it would be great to hear what inspires our gardeners.

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