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SGGN Sprouts is composed of our two greenhouses whose growers generously plant and tend starts for our giving gardens. Located in Wallingford and Ballard, our greenhouses operate February through July.

Three Greenhouses

The Ballard Sprouts, South Park’s Providence Regina House Food Bank, and a small back yard greenhouse grew more than ten thousand starts for Seattle’s Giving Gardens. 2017 should be a very good year.

Tomatoes ready for planting

Thank you to all of the volunteers who planted, nurtured, transplanted and transported these wonderful plants.

Ballard Sprouts plan release schedule

Giving Gardeners: We know we’ll have 6000 cooler weather starts available to be picked up from the Ballard greenhouse the weekend of April 8-9. Another release of warmer weather plants will most likely occur in early May. Despite the cold spring there will be some tomatoes as well as cucumbers and squash.

2017’s STARTS seeded by Sprouts volunteers

Volunteers have seeded lettuce, chard, tomatoes, peppers, kale and Asian greens for distribution to Seattle Giving Gardeners. Later there’ll be summer squash and cucumbers. When will these be ready to distribute? It depends upon the weather: our greenhouses are passive greenhouses but cozy, even on our snowy days. We’ll send a notice through the city of Seattle’s listserve when they’re ready. Hint: perhaps late March or early April for the cooler weather crops; May for warmer weather crops. And THANK YOU to the volunteers who make this happen every Spring.